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Daily Treat

My terrier loves these, chews a portion of tendon every morning after breakfast to start her busy day. Healthy, nutritious and helps to keep her teeth free from buildup.

Much love

My boys love them and we love the company!

Dog loves it

My little dog loves these and they are just the right size for him.

Hi i am looking for lamb trottess for myself to cook and eat not for dogs ! Do you have any or can I just buy these and cook them ?


My dog loves these and his sensitive tummy tolerates them as well.

Great product

My dogs large and small love this product. Big dog will eat this within minutes while small dog will chew 1 for an hour. I have learned it is best to let them chew it for 1-2 minutes at a time. Then I take it away and store it in a plastic container (to trap smells) until next time. I mainly use them as treats to shut the dogs up and calm them down.

Rip off

I bought a 20 gallon long tank for 40 bucks so that price of 127 is insane if that was what a tank really costs i would never keep fish again and I've been keeping fish for over 40 years.


Honestly I wasn’t sure if my dog was going to like this since he’s a very very picky chihuahua. However he surprised me and loves it . Hi

Not what they used to be!

I used to buy these "irregular" bullies because they were reasonably priced for the size you got, and the odd shapes helped to keep them in the safety devices made to keep your dog from swallowing end chunks. Last time I ordered them, they were in "skinny" sized...or short, and sometimes both. These are no longer anything like a good deal at more than $2.00/stick.

Only Kind I Buy Now

I used to buy whichever pig ears were the cheapest online, but my dog didn't like other brands so I lost money returning unopened boxes & in wasted product my dog wouldn't eat (in addition to time wasted returning dog treats - but I had to since I buy in bulk so it was too much money to let slide). These are the best Pig Ears! He absolutely devours them! I will only order Smokehouse Natural Pig Ears going forward.

Dog didn't like them

I didn't realize the brand of Pig Ear was so important. The last time I ordered pig ears from Value Pet Supplies, my dog devoured them. This time, with Jones Natural Chews, he let them sit around the house. He wasn't interested in them. They are much thinner than regular pig ears and I don't know why he didn't like them. I returned the unopened boxes. I did go back into old emails to find the ones my dog did like, and it was Smokehouse Natural 100 Ct Pig Ears.

ValueBull Premium Bully Sticks for Dogs, Medium 6 Inch, 100 Count
I thought for what I paid they would be amazing but don’t waste your money! So very disappointed!

I thought for what I paid they were going to amazing but don’t waste your money on these bull sticks! They didn’t last but a few minutes and they were so much smaller ! I found much better deals at Costco! I don’t mind paying the 300.00 for my dogs treats but I want them to enjoy it! I spend usually about 75.00 a week on treats for 2 dogs but don’t like being disappointed. So I will find another company !

Next best thing to feeding raw tripe. Don't like the canned because they have carrageenan in it. You can smell that this product is left natural! Will definitely buy again!!

Shipped compacted...exposure to air expands

These pads are smaller than the Gigantic Pads I usually order. Thought they were not very thick when I first opened the package. Actually, with exposure to air, they expand. Very good and useful smaller size for 2 Scotties in different areas of the home. Use them myself when I need a grease catcher for fried hamburger fat. Good for absorbing hair dye on kitchen sink /bathroom sink when color my hair. Good for mud/rain/snow slush on floor of car when I drive in inclement weather.

Gray color is dreary...prefer the "former pink"

Pads are fine but miss the former color of pink. Blue would be okay, too. Find the gray color of the lining depressing. Can anything be done about this?

Super long chew with zero waste

My dog chewed on one of these for at least 6 hours and when 1-2 inches were left I popped it in the microwave for about a minute and it turned into a puff treat. So cool! I think I could easily give her the bar and take it away after a few hours and give it to her again the next day and really get my money's worth. Highly recommend!

Awesome product for a great price

I've been reading some of the reviews and what ppl are forgetting are the benefits of TRIPE... no.. they're not a long lasting treat (there are many other treats on this site that are)... this shud be a treat given to ur dog not only as a yummy treat but one that TOTALLY benefits gut/ digestive health.. that's why one of my dogs, that has digestive issues, gets one of these "DAILY." And she has NO MORE GUT ISSUES.... and way to go ValuePet for making these BENEFICIAL treats way MORE AFFORDABLE than buying from ANY pet store/ pet supply store ❤🐾🐾

Great for my 3yr old pit pup

Nipsey loves these and prances away with it in his mouth each time I give him one. Problem now is he goes into the box and gets 1 himself smh

My puppy would rather take "yours" which takes him about 5 minutes too swallow, then having to chew for a long hour.

This is my dog's favorite treat. The bully sticks are consistent in size and shape. Good value compared to other vendors. Dependable shipping.

less than half what I was paying locally

They are great, they definitely help with kitty odor.

ValueBull Lamb Ears Dog Treats, Smoked, 50 Count
Peggy Starr

My dogs love these. I will be returning

Love these gigantic pads. They are good quality and fast shipping!!! I have 4 dogs so they are very handy!!!