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Best bullies

Value Pet bullies are the best. I've tried other companies and found that these are much better, bigger, and less smelly. Odor-Free is not always odor-free but Value Pet ones are. Our German Shepard and Belgian Malinois love these bullies. Also, I had to call customer service and they are very, very helpful, attentive, professional and proactive. You'll get Quality Service from Value Pet Supplies! Thx, much!

Great healthy treats

Our German Shepard and Belgian Malinois love these treats. I had been buying one container at a time but have increased my order because they enjoy the treats so much. These healthy treats last a long time and our dogs never finish one at one sitting so we save them for another day and they pick up where they left off the previous sitting - they also switch with each other. Fun watching them enjoy these yak bars. Thx, much!

Long lasting chew!

These look a lot lot like bully sticks and our dog actually likes them better. She chewed for at least an hour and only got through half a stick last night. It definitely kept her busy. I like that these have health benefits for joints. Definitely reordering!

Not reccomended

These brand of treats have made my dog extremely sick! Tried to different ones and both gave him terrible upset stomach and diarrhea. Will never try again!

Doesn't smell, dogs love it

These chews are the best alternative to bully sticks. Not only do they help with joint help, which is super important for my 13 year old pup, but my dogs love them! As my older girl has her bed under my work desk, I appreciate the fact that they do not smell. I save the thinner ones for her and then the thicker ones for my younger dogs as they are more aggressive chewers. My pups give the collagen sticks 5 stars!


For EXTREME CHEWERS ONLY!!!! These are a miracle, God send and furniture saver (just kidding about the furniture). But they are the BEST. Super long lasting when compared to bully sticks and safer because the pieces come off in little flakes. My German Shepard is obsessed. Thank you ♥️🙏

Terrible puppy pads!

I have been ordering for years! I had to get these pads due to the plus ones being sold out!! The pads didn’t absorb and they are so thin! I can’t stand these.

Product works well for our paralyzed male dog. If the product was slightly longer in the front it would be ideal. However, It is the best product we have found when it comes to affordability, quality and functionality.

We have been using this product for eight years will not buy any other pad this is the only pad that is very absorbent and does not leak through to the sides of the pad

Rudie's favorite. 7pm is her special treat time for Kabobs. (And she CAN tell time. Lol)

The tendons I received were not slim. Not suitable for my medium sized dogs. The photo of the tendons does not appear to show their actual size.

My Dobie's favorite. Can't beat the price. I don't understand people that complain about the odor. That's what dogs love. It's not that bad.

Nice large size. Don't last as long as a bully stick. But not really meant to last as bully stick. Lighter texture, but my dog loves them.

This product has made my doggie's life better. He now can sleep and go wherever he wants in our home with his diaper and not worry about peeing every where.

My dog, Ollie, loves these, but the latest package I got must be different for some reason, or else his tastes are changing. He used to chew each bully stick completely, so none was left. Now, he nibbles on the ends and leaves the middle. I pick up his "leftovers", saving them for when we run out. They are a bit pricy as we are retired and on a very fixed income, however, Ollie is worth the best and, so far, these are the best I have found in quantity. (There's no way we are going to spend $3 - $5 EACH for the ones the pet store sells individually (unless we win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, of course.) So, Yes, I would definitely recommend these bully sticks for your furball. They will let you know what they think.

they don't stick very well. we have to use tape to keep them on. Name brands have tabs to use the off brand does not

My dog seems to love them. They are pretty stinky though.

Every time I order pads they were very good

I will order these again delivered the next day