ValuePad Puppy Pads, XXL Gigantic 28x44 Inch, 100 Count

Economy Training Pads for Dogs, Leak Proof 5-Layer Design
ValuePadSKU: VP2844E

Price: Sale Price$89.99
Economy puppy pads designed with our largest surface area to maximize absorbency at great prices. Our ValuePad Economy 28 x 24 XXL Gigantic Puppy Pads are ideal for BIG dog households or those with multiple pets that need the best price per pad. Great for house-training puppies or older dogs with incontinence, they can also be used to line doggy playpens and crates for travel. Leak-proof construction that won't snag on claws means messes stay on the pad and not your floors.

Features & Benefits:
  • Generously sized economy pads for households with big dogs or multiple pets.
  • Five layers of protection to lock in wetness and keep floors dry.
  • Super absorbent polymer center & polypropylene backing prevents leaks.
  • Constructed with spun-bonded polypropylene facing so claws won't snag and pads stay in place.
  • Multiple uses including house-training new puppies, older dogs with incontinence, lining for puppy playpens and travel crates.
  • Our dog pads make for quick and hassle-free cleanup.
  • Dimensions: 28 x 44, 90 Grams in the absorbent fluff layer.
Directions: Place the puppy pad on the floor, plastic side down. Introduce your dog to the puppy pad, and don't be discouraged if it doesn't take right away. Just keep returning your dog to the puppy pad until it happens. Replace when necessary.